Research on mitochondrial Damage Associated Molecular Patterns (mtDAMPs) involved in systemic inflammation after trauma presented at EUROMIT 2017, The International Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology, Cologne, Germany

Mon 03 July 2017

mAbDx CSO Michael Marusich presented current research on mtDAMPs at EUROMIT 2017, The International Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology, in Cologne, Germany, June 11-15, 2017. The EUROMIT conference is one of the world's leading scientific meetings on mitochondrial structure/function and the role of mitochondria in disease. Marusich reported that some, but not all, mtDNA-encoded peptides chemoattract and activate human neutrophils in vitro and are therefore candidate mtDAMPs that may help drive the Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) after trauma. Inflammatory mtDAMPs could be diagnostic biomarkers for the risk of post-trauma SIRS and also appropriate targets for therapeutic interventions to better manage SIRS. A novel panel of highly specific monoclonal antibodies (mAbDs) that recognize these peptides (and the mtDNA-encoded proteins from which the peptides are derived) was also described. These mAbs will be useful tools to study the role of mtDAMPs in inflammation and to assess the potential of mtDAMPs as diagnostic biomarkers. The mAbs will also be useful reagents for basic research into the cell biology of mitochondrial structure/function. For more information regarding these mAbs and how to obtain them, contact mAbDx at