mAbDx, Inc., is located in a private, custom-built biotechnology lab in the Lewis Integrative Sciences Building on the campus of the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.  The main lab is well-equipped for monoclonal antibody and immunoassay development and cell biology research.

mAbDx also has access to off-site facilities for clinical research and animal care.  mAbDx personnel have access to lab space in PeaceHealth Medical Labs (PHML, a 15 min drive from the mAbDx main lab) for analysis of clinical samples collected, processed and stored by PHML under contract with mAbDx.  mAbDx personnel also have access to facilities at the University of Oregon Laboratory Animal Services (UO-LAS), which is located conveniently close to the mAbDx main lab.  All animal work is done under Institutional Animal care and Use Committee (IACUC) approved protocols with animal husbandry under contract with the University of Oregon.